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Highlights: Buffalo Bills Fans Shovel
out Highmark Stadium  

6 Feet of Snow in Orchard Park in the Last Week

The Latest Update from the Official Bills Mafia Shovel Correspondent  

Over 5 feet of snow has fallen on Orchard Park in the last week. 
Last Saturday before the Steelers game, Orchard Park received nearly 3 feet of snow, resulting in a 1 day postponement of the game. This week, another two feet fell.  
That's a LOT of snow - and to move that snow out of a 70,0000 seat stadium is a lot of work. 
For the Steelers game, there wasn't enough time to get the stadium shoveled - especially with a travel ban in effect for most areas until the morning of the game.  That resulted in scenes like this:


This week the roads opened up and the #ShovelingMafia was ready. 

Thousands showed up - reportedly with a 2 hour wait to even register to shovel!

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