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Buffalo Bills - Pittsburgh Steelers Wildcard Game 2024

Video: Walking through snow to get to your seat at the Bills - Steelers game.

Video: Bills Shovelers sliding down the snow slide at Highmark Stadium

*this is not official information from the team - this website is privately run ***

1/15/2024 Update: 11:45 am

The GAME IS ON for 4:30p.m. - LFG!!! 

Gametime Forecast

Kickoff Temperature: 17 degrees, Windchill 3 degrees

Wind: 12mph

Precipitation: Chance of some snow during game, but limited accumulation expected. 

*this is not official information from the team - this website is privately run ***

Inside the Stadium  



Hundreds of workers have been shoveling the stadium, but because so much snow fell overnight a tremendous amount still remains. Prepare to have snow on your seat / in your row and be ready to deal with an imperfect situation.

How to Dress:

The Bills have sent a message reminding fans to dress warm - it will be extremely cold and you will likely be standing in or at least on snow the entire game. Waterproof boots are critical. 


Parking will be reduced as a result of the snow -  plowed snow takes up parking spaces, and some of the neighborhood lots will not be plowed due to the amount of snow.   

Fan Parking & Pickup Added at the McKinley Mall

Details here: 

1/13/2024 12pm Update:  Game Rescheduled for 4:30pm Monday

What is the current forecast? 

High winds with the potential for 18"-30" of snow for Orchard Park through Monday. 

But what about last year when they moved a Bills game to Detroit?

When that happened there was 6 feet of snow - and getting players on both teams to the stadium would have been nearly impossible - not to mention support staff, tv crews etc. You can't plow 6 feet of snow  - 2 feet is much different. The bigger challenge is the wind. 

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