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Insiders Guide to Buffalo & WNY

Are you are a worldwide superstar considering a quick trip to Buffalo this weekend?  Good news -  we just so happen to have a guide for weekend trips to Buffalo for musical superstars!

(note:  if you are someone who has not sold a billion dollars in tickets in the last 12 months, please stop reading now.)


We Have Some Great History Together

Taylor - first off, know that we don't hate you. In fact - outside of your choice of football teams we respect you quite a bit. We may not all love your music, but by all accounts you work hard and put on amazing shows - even in the pouring rain. (K  PIC?). 


And I'm sure you remember 2008 when you sold out the grandstand at the Erie County fair for the first time in 100+ years.  I mean that was the biggest news since Mr. Squigglers won 9 consecutive pig races in 1983 (record still unbroken btw). 


The Word is Out - Buffalo is a Great City

What more and more people are starting to realize is that Buffalo is an amazing city with a long history of architecture, art, food and culture. Sure we get some snow, but our beautiful summers where we rarely hit 90 degrees more than make up for it. 


From Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright to Henry Hobson Richardson, Buffalo offers some of the finest architectural gems in the country. 




We simply call them "wings" and they really are different here.  Originally born at the Anchor Bar, today the top picks of locals include Duffs, Bar Bill and Gabriel's Gate among others. 

For You: Since you'll be rooting for the wrong team - we suggest you visit a local Pizza hut to get your flavor. 

Where to Stay

There are some amazing hotels in the area - most high profile visitors stay at places like the Mansion on Delaware, the New Richardson Hotel or perhaps the historic Roycroft Inn in East Aurora. These are all great choices. 


For You:  If you plan on wearing that silly #87 coat this weekend, you might want to consider the Budget Inn Buffalo Airport. Don't let the $58 price fool you - this place is fit for a queen.  

Culture & The Arts

Great Options:


The Stadium

Taylor paragraph....


Wings - Bar Bill / Duffs etc vs. Pizza Hut

Fancy Houses - Delaware Avenue / South Buffalo in Your Kelce Jersey

Culture & the Arts - ???? vs. The Ballet in Canada. Our friends right across the border have a wonderful ballet. 

Hotel - Mansion / Richardson vs Motel 6 Airport

Niagara Falls / Chestnut Ridge vs ?????

At the stadium:

Combination Sink / Urinal - 

You should sit in the Rock Pile

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